'Brilliantly brings to life the human element which underpinned everything that happened at Bletchley Park.'   Tony Comer, formerly GCHQ historian.


Bletchley Girls is based on the untold true story of two women at Bletchley Park, 19 year old Mavis Lever, a student of German Romantic Poetry and her colleague, Margaret Rock, a statistician. Girls couldn't be codebreakers, so they were classed as linguists. Listen to the play to hear their remarkable story. 

The stage play was to have ten performances in May/June, but with the arrival of Covid, the creative team turned it into a radio play. The play premieres on 17, 18 & 19 September at the Gloucester History Festival website, 7 pm each evening. There are three episodes, 30 minutes each; one is available each evening and then remains available until the end of the Festival. Following that, a link will be available on this web site that will be active until early November. 

The play is being distributed to over 200 Community Radio and Hospital Broadcast Assn. stations. Check with your local stations for availability. Bletchley Park Learning Team created a codebreaking workshop to accompany the play, designed for school children 11-14. See Bletchley Park website Bletchley Girls:Battle for Equality. 

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