'Brilliantly brings to life the human element which underpinned everything that happened at Bletchley Park.'   Tony Comer, formerly GCHQ historian.


'I think the production is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. It was one of the highlights of the Festival for me.' Heather Forbes, Chair, Gloucester History Festival 

Bletchley Girls is based on the untold true story of two women at Bletchley Park, 19 year old Mavis Lever, a student of German Romantic Poetry and her colleague, Margaret Rock, a statistician. Girls couldn't be codebreakers, so they were classed as linguists. Listen to the play to hear their remarkable story. 
Listen to an interview with Tony Comer
about the historical background to the play.
Tony is interviewed by Ann Morrison, formerly 
Co-Editor Time Magazine, Europe. 
Bletchley Park has created a codebreaking workshop for children 11-14 to accompany the play. Information can be found on the Bletchley website Bletchley Girls: Battle for Equality. 
Tony Comer interview
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